Must have been awesome waking up with the news that someone extraordinary is coming to town today.  You would probably put in the extra effort to clean up and and dress up.  We all like that special visit when someone comes to your door and your neighbor misses out because the visit is only for you.  The big shiny car pulls up in front of your house.  The neighbors are gossiping  and are watching from a distance wondering ‘what’s up with Joe and them today?’ .  Who could think of visiting them so early?  The anxious inquisitiveness of everyone mounts.  Ok … ok …. you get the picture.  This is exactly what happened to our bush school a week ago.  I told them …. ‘Love is coming to town!’  “LOVE – Francisco.  Who is love?”  I kept my pose and made them ready to receive LOVE.  And it came …. and it didn’t disappoint.  It didn’t come with words but with ACTION.  So let me share LOVE that came to visit in the form of a group from Polokwane, RSA by using a few pictures.

Absolutely everyone was sorting out brand new school clothes donated by a primary school in Polokwane, South Africa.  On the picture (front) Dr. Gerda Willemse sorting out clothing.
Every single child (nearly 300 of them) got personal attention and was dressed personally to make sure all clothing fits everyone.
Over and over the result of showing a little LOVE was a HUGE SMILE!
I love kids …. but when I see them smile I know they have experienced a touch of LOVE …. again!
A new package ….. brand new school uniform for the new year.  Out of the box! 
Ecstatic and showing off a little with da friends!

Past. Steven Daly make sure everything fits while kids are queuing up and waiting somewhat ‘patiently’ for their outfit. 
It was amazing to see how kids reacted when they received so much personal attention.  Soooooo worth it.  Our goal is NEVER to just hand out a gift and walk away.  If it’s not personal – I am not interested.  It was great showing the true LOVE of Jesus present.  It opened the door for me to speak to kids about Jesus – even after this group leaves ……! 
A changed school and believe me …. it’s was not just about the clothing transformation!   Hearts have changed in the process too.

One of the most touching experiences I have had a few days after surprising our kids was when a boy, he must have been 14, walked up to me when I was visiting the school and he just spontaneously hugged me for some time.  I was blown away – totally.  Understanding our culture here in Mozambique …. well that just does not happen at all.  I tried to hide my tears without much success.  GOD’s love was at work – in action in the hearts of our kids.

Thank you to all who made this possible.  Thank you Taberna Dei.  Thank you Oos-Skool, Polokwane.