I hopefully don’t have to sell Mozambique after these photos!

Having a great time on the beach.  Me and Joao in action …. without water but practicing for what was about to come.
A man that does not publish a photo of his beautiful wife …. should not publish at all … lol!
Andy Kuret joined us on the beach outing.
They say ….. in Texas everything is bigger.  Joao is proving that in Mozambique …. sea life is much bigger than anywhere else.
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A view from the old hotel on the island.  The hotel was built in 1952 and  Bob Dylan performed here too.
A photo out of the remains of the old Catholic church on the island Santa Carolina.
On the island – Santa Carolina, Mozambique
It’s that time of the lesson – getting ready to seek fish in the ocean – the snorkeling way!
Ready for aciton!
A last lesson to my friend Joao who was ready with his life jacket and all!