Today it feels that my journey in Mozambique has been long.  I will never regret the journey though.  It has been dark, a perilous course.  at other times, joyous, dappled with sunlight.  It has been hard more often than easy.  The road was fraught with dangers for me from the beginning, the jungle thick, the mountain high, the darkness terrifying.  And through it all, even in the mists, there was always a light, a shining star to guide me – GOD.  

Being surrounded by poverty and mostly needy people you sometimes forget how wonderful the people around you really are.  How beautiful creation around you really is.  I’ve been away a weekend or so ago to just REST and BE in Mozambique!  Enjoy the coastline photos and fun we had on the coast of Mozambique through my limited lens.

I’m visiting Inhasoro – coastline central Mozambique.  And it is truly magnificent.
We took Joao Benjamim, one of our transformational agents in Mozambique with us (me, my wife and Andy kuret – our Swiss pilot) made up the team.  Joao trying to lift his own palm tree on the beach.
Sea life around us were extra-ordinary busy.  A sea star busy washing out at our feet.

Our humble home!
On our way to an island many people never see or experience – Santa Carolina.
Arriving at Santa Carolina.  It is a protected nature reserve but a fantastic place to snorkel. 
An old hotel abandoned on the island.  A little bit more on the interesting history of the hotel.