I visited a family some time ago.  Their hospitality was something you could only understand if you followed the Scriptures when it says:  “Let your hospitality be known to everyone!”  The interesting part of my visit that evening was that I have never met this couple and their two small children.  As it goes with ‘first visits’ … I was wondering how the evening would turn out.  I hesitantly parked my pick-up in their driveway (after I got lost for a few minutes!).  My fears were quickly forgotten as I got involved in their lives and what drives and motivates them.  I knew it was truly a family of God.  Out of respect for them and following their wishes I will not identify them.  Let me call them Ann and Paul.  We met a few times after that again. 

The last time we met I was blown away by a statement they made.  Ann said in a very strong and confident voice   “Francois …. we are due for a new vehicle.  We have saved and are looking forward to buy a better vehicle for Paul.  BUT ….”, she said and leaned forward.  “Paul and I decided that we are not going to do that now.  If you have a specific need let us know and we will make sure it is met.”

As you know by now …. we are having huge food shortage problems in our community due to strange weather patters.  And it was not the whole community who arrived.  It was granny’s, widows and other woman who were willing to work for a cup of food.  Needless to say …. it brought tears to many eyes.  Out of nowhere I received a message from Ann.  “Francois, we are ready to help and will send the money we saved over so the 180 ladies can feed their families until the problem is solved.”  And they did help solve the problem.  Many others who simply could not afford to help us due to their own budget constraints …. did help.  Some helped us to buy 1 or more bags of maize.  This is to all of you who are being employed by GOD to make a BIG difference.

Marinda is a married lady with her own kids.  I had the privileged many years ago to be her Sunday School teacher.  She also heard of our problems in feeding a hungry community.  She got on facebook, networked with her friends and before you know it …. she had a handful of ladies buying bags of maize to feed very hungry families.  I salute you ladies! 

I wish I could give something back …. but I simply can not.  God can.  And He will.  He is just that kind of a Master.  Thank you.


We have started a huge food security program in many provinces and on the base to help communities, our schools and our orphan project.  The Agriculture community of Stellenbosch helped us to make sure we have enough drip irrigation equipment to set up huge vegetable gardens.  Johan Roos visited us some time ago and after working with his network of friends came up with the knowledge and equipment to get us going.  The result was outstanding.  The production of vegetables increased a 100 fold and needless to say our schools and orphan programs are eating like kings.  

Here is some of the action happening at the moment:
Drip irrigation being placed in position in the garden from where we will food more than 400 people.
Making sure it is really working.  The drip irrigation system helps us to save a lot of water in the process while it ensures enough water to all the seedlings at the same time.  Very sustainable way of producing vegetables.
The effects of the system can clearly be seen everywhere.
From carrots to cabbage, lettuce, spinach, pine apples and other veggies are produced. 

Alta has started a project through the extensive network of nearly 3 500 women to implement water pumps (or foot pumps) in areas where food security is a problem.  Although Mozambique has many rivers – people can simply not get the river water to their gardens.  The foot pumps will help in a sustainable way to get water to gardens.  Boreholes can also be used with the system.  This would make it possible for families to provide enough food throughout the year – even in times where there is a scarcity of food.

As I speak 2 pumps are being installed in Northern Mozambique alongside the mighty Zambezi river for Women Literacy schools.  Andy Kuret (our Swiss pilot on the base – photo beneath) is installing another 6 pumps with our (ASAM’s) Agri Associations which we started through our Pastors training program.