Good Friday …. a highlight on the Christian calendar.  I understand why it is called Good Friday … don’t get me wrong, but I struggle with the terminology.  I feel sad in a way because Jesus had to endure such a ‘bad Friday’ so we could have a Good Friday.  Happy Good Friday then and hope you all have a phenomenal Easter time with loved ones.

On this side of the planet the festivities seem to bring more sadness to my heart.  The Good Friday didn’t turn out to be that good for many living in the bush.  As it turned out we have had a terrible planting and harvest season due to a lack of good rain.  By the time time the rain arrived it was heavy showers which washed away crops.  It is an extremely hungry time in our villages.  Daily more than a 100 women came to work for the little food we had to offer.  To make sure the old widows still keeps their self worth we don’t give away food but everyone worked for half a day for a tin of food (maize meal).  We are quickly running out of food and still need to provide the hungry ladies who needs to feed their own children.

Bringing food to the needy is but one way of bringing Jesus closer to them.  It is only with a full stomach that people are able to hear the salvation story of a Good Friday many hundred of years ago.  If you want to help us feeding more than a hundred ladies until April 2013 let me know and I will be in contact.

Thank you for your prayers and hearts!

More than a 100 ladies and widows receiving food after a 1/2 day of working.

Tools down’ as ladies gather early in the morning for our devotional time.  This is where they register each morning.
A lonely pot of hot water …. waiting for maize!