This news might be late but no news is good news …. sometimes.  Still struggling to upload all the news and things happening around here due to bad satellite connections but this year’s Valentine’s party at the school was something special.  When I explained to the kids who St. Valentine was they simply shrugged their shoulders and said:  “If that is true we have St. Valentine everyday!”  And who am I to question their wisdom.  Just wanted to make it a very special day for the kids who are going through difficult times at the moment.  With too little rain – maize died, and then too much rain …. newly planted maize died again …. times are difficult.  I felt the kids needed some special love.  Every single kid received their own hand made teddy made with special love.    

The project was started by a student from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, Chanelle Saayman.  She visited us during their July 2012 love outreach to Mozambique.  She was touched and wanted to make sure every kid would get something of their own.  And so this love project started.  It really didn’t matter if it was a boy or girl receiving the hand-made teddy …. it was theirs.  We had lots of fun in the process too!
Simply being spoiled!!!  Aint’ that nice?

My joy and the sound of laughter was quickly interrupted when our local ‘enfermeira’ (First Aid Officer) of one of our clinics reminded me of his request.  And I did remember.  Our head of health, Lynn Lagore started a ‘Milk feeding Project’  a few years ago to help those left behind after a mother dies.  In all of our cases it is babies left behind after a mother has died during birth or because of other tropical diseases.

This grandmother was left with a baby after a mother died the previous night.  The only way this baby will ever survive is if the mission gives it milk until she is strong enough.  When I handed over the bottle and the milk that Lynn sent over i actually saw a miracle unfold in front of me!  The baby who was sleepy and crying started laughing when I came over to hand over the milk.  The seriousness of the situation forgotten.  It was like God smiling.  It really was.  My eyes were filled with tears as I realized the baby would be alright!  Again I dedicate this post to all those grandmothers and neighbors who simply, without thinking, takes responsibility  for all the orphans left behind when a mother dies.  The milk formula provided by the mission comes from donors far away who will probably never see this photo or meet this baby.  ONE DAY …. you will all meet this kid (after she passes through our school) and YOU will be directly responsible for saving a child.  Many children …. in fact.  Thank you!
I simply cannot stop looking at this photo.  Not so much at the serious adults (and believe me this is a serious matter), but at the baby …..!  It is as if she realized she was going to be ok!  Even if her mom died!  God cared.  You cared.