Mathematicians in the bush!  Imagine that.  And there is absolutely no reason why not.  The bush schools we run has many objectives.  Primarily it is believing that all children should have the right to basic education.  And basic education should be free and available to all.  Top of my list is the fact that in a ‘third world’, where I wish to work and live – that we strive to make sure the few hours per day we have children in our schools that it absolutely should  be their happiest few hours of the day.

“Come on let me help you to get that strange figure in there!”  Wish someone told me in Pre-School to love Mathematics.  I can see a Pythagoras hiding somewhere in this photo!

It must be a place where kids can catch a dream anytime.  They should have the freedom to change their dreams as much as they wish to.  School must be a place where you not only learn how to form an a or b …. or read your first sentence it must also be a place where you learn HOW to choose in life.  How to choose right from wrong.  Choose freedom …. even in severe poverty.  In our bush schools it is also a place where children have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ – the ONE who gives true liberty.  And we help kids to experience that through many programs and character building efforts.

First things first!  Get the puzzle together.
“I can do this by myself!”  We now call him Pythagoras Mario.

 Our school is a place of hope.  Of laughter.  Of fun.  And yes … we make sure it’s a place of learning  Mathematics too.  We just got hold of a fun-filled maths game for preschoolers and our grade 1 class.  They can simply not stop playing.  Even during ‘break-time’ students qued up to have a change at playing ‘maths’ games.

PT classes has been removed from South African schools!  What a shame!  We still believe that a healthy body represents a healthy spirit …. so lets go friends.  Let’s twist again like we did last summer!
Even teachers got in on the action!

We are currently planning our library for the school too.  We have received our first books for the library and Lynn (our Health guru) is writing some local folk stories in the mother tongue of our children which would open their world even further.  Please keep on praying as we continually need to fund-raise to sponsor the library project which will help a whole community and more than 300 children to read a book of their own.