The day is winding down.  The southern hemisphere is closing it’s curtain on another day.  A mixture of dust and rain hangs heavily in the air.  The air is thick.  As I look out on my lush green garden in the bush I realized that  I have lost track of the number of emotions I’ve felt in the last week alone.  Needless to say it was many, covering the spectrum of joy and pain.  Pain as so many people shared their agony with the loss of a loved one.  I’ve seen so many die around me.  Some rushed to ‘hospitals’ around us …. never to return again.  I received news of legends dying too.  People like Richard Twist – a brother who stood in the midst of injustice to fight for his Indian people. (Article to follow).  And then suddenly God called him for higher duties.

Mathew Hurekure (left) and Past. Ricardo Oliveira (middle) handing over some of the most precious cargo we carry here. 

And then I ask … ‘Lord will others rise to take his place?’  My pain turns to joy when I am anxiously called by a few pastors.  The serious look in their eyes catch me somewhat  as they speak:  “God is doing great miracles brother Francois.  We are eager to distribute the Bibles you carry.  You still have more, right?”  They carry hope to people who desperately need hope.  They themselves are starving physically.  No salary, little food – but full of HOPE.  Pastor Tome Mabuleza, Pastor Gonsalves, Pastor Antonio, Pastor Tito ….. I look at them with a tear in my eye and realize ….. we are in the business of HOPE.  There is a new day …. there is precious people waiting to stand up and be counted.  There is another warrior to fight the fight of reconciliation …. to continue the fight for justice.

I pull myself up …. look them in the eye:  “Yes shamwari’s (friends) …. I have Bibles!”  Their eyes lit up as I pack out the boxes and start sharing the precious cargo which will travel 100’s of kilometers. I call them God’s Bible Ants!  With laughter in the background they grab their Bibles …… they wave …. and suddenly it’s quiet again.  God is working!   A special thank you’s to friends in Bellville AFM Congregation, Marno Retief’s parents, Ester Moag and Dr. Tielman Marais through Stellenbosh Gemeente and Johan and Andrea Lotz.  You made a world’s difference!  Thanks for believing in this project!!!!

For some pastors the moment is a serious one!  More Shona Bibles distributed.
This phenomenal pastor – Tome Mabuleza must be the busiest Bible Ant I know.  Together we have distributed more than 2 000 Bibles to Christians begging for Bibles in the Changara and Gorongoza area.  Here Past. Tome was carrying Bibles when it started to rain and was given a lift by one of our colleges, Heather Neufeld.

Our local Taxi contact and his pastor.  Even business men got involved in making sure Shona Bibles arrive safely at their destination.  MP3 bibles were also distributed.