The annual orphan Christmas party must be one of those highlights that no dare miss.  This year was no exception as the kids were treated like … well … it was the ‘end of the world’!  Let me not go there:  People made Apocalypse jokes like there is no tomorrow.  We take special care when it comes to our orphans.  Their life, education, spiritual formation and overall well-being is very important to all of us at the mission base in rural Mozambique.                                                Kids were spoiled to pieces …. as it should be over Christmas.  The true Christmas story is always shared with the kids and then it’s time to PLAY.  Mostly kids in Mozambique are forced to grow up very quickly and there is hardly time to just be … a kid!  The party was a huge success as always and Heather Neufeld organized an event that the kids will not forget soon.  Here is a few of the moments captured! 

There were gift galore!
Mariano Jose being carried by some of the orphans.  Mariano is the coolest most humble man I know.  He is also our Co-ordinator of our Orphan program on the base.
This was a great Christmas for one of our orphan families.  They not just got a brand new house this year  but their monthly  ‘Care Package’ helps them get through the month.
The faces should say it all!
Our Amigo Orphan program kids has never experienced a swim in a swimming pool.  Pure bliss …. and no one even had to be on watch to check for a crocodile or two.
Oh my goodness …. a feast is being prepared.
Time to play games!
That’s what it’s all about!  Laughing, fun …. and just being a kid again!
A whole plate … just for me!
Girls showing off their Christmas umbrellas!

A special thank you to everyone who made this possible from all over the world!  God bless ya!

All photos taken by:  Heather Neufeld (Thanks Heather)