Two engineers, 2 doctors, 2 journalists, 3 theologians, 1 teacher, 1 marketer and 1 educational psychologist came together some time ago and decided to start a grueling 6 000 km’s with one purpose = Let’s show some serious LOVE to the continent!  My friends from Cape Town thought it to be a good idea to not just spend their free time on a holiday but to mix it up and serve in Mozambique.

Left:  Some of the Stellenbosch team members getting together before leaving for Mozambique on a 6 000 km journey both ways.

In the meanwhile ….. deeper in the Mozambican African bush:  We were wondering how we would put up the new roof of our Women Training and Craft center before the first drops of the rainy season starts.  Expertise as always is extremely limited and with my even more limited technical abilities my wife was already figuring out how she would manage me to put up roof trusses.  I guess I never concentrated hard enough when Geometry was being explained by my very funny bold mathematics teacher.  Squares and Pythagoras never really made sense.   Being technically challenged in the middle of nowhere is a huge liability here.  And well …. not sure how we survive but it has to do something with my wife I married.  She understands it all!  But to find manpower and people who understands what’s happening …. very hard to find.

In the present …..   And then out of nowhere the team arrived in scorching temperatures.  Ready to serve and spot on time for what we needed.  After the doctors were ‘distributed’ to our clinics in the bush and the journalists were writing new stories of hope …. the engineers and theologians tackled the roof with determination.  Their eyes fixed on the target …..!

And I will let the photos do the talking!

Now here is a man with a plan.  Pienaar – engineer studying at the University of Stellenbosch making a plan …quickly.  See that determination in his eyes …. scary stuff!
The dream team from Africa putting power behind the effort!
Theologian, Jaco – saying a prayer to make sure all is covered as the rafters are being lifted into place.
It’s that man Pienaar again …. and yet another prayer from our theologian friend!  “Tame it with a stick brother … tame it!”
Job nearly done ….!
And there she is …. ready for the tiles!