The last few weeks has been extremely busy …. (I seem to say this a lot these days!).  Transformation took place everywhere but it was focused on the Women Training Center the last few weeks.  With phenomenal help from partners and friends we could gather enough funding to finish the roof of the center.  But much more important than the building process has to be the team that effortlessly give their time and expertise to make this possible.  Our Mozambican team is just phenomenal.  These are the type of guys that will stick with you no matter what.  And if we run out of materials or plans …. they create ones from scratch.  They have a plan … always.  And they never give up.  Creating and making roof trusses … no problem.  Within a week all the roof trusses were produced from scratch.  And the dream we had for the roof to be a reality before the severe rainy season …. could just be a reality.
The team in action – producing roof trusses for the women center.  Thousands of ladies will later on benefit from this team effort.

The team from left to right:  Marco Jose (store manager), Pindurai Rodriques (carpenter), Tome Toalha (Maintenance manager) and Charles Sixpense (general foreman).  Great guys who have been with us for more than 10 years now.