Every so often you are privileged to meet someone that just blows your mind away.  I met someone like that about 2 months ago.  I was preaching at a church in Cape Town when this girl, Chelsea cornered me after the sermon.  She wanted to make a difference.  “We all have the power to change someones life”, she said.  She caught my attention immediately with that statement. “I liked your sermon and want to do something about that. I don’t have much”, she said.  “But I can make a difference and will call you within a few days.”  And off she went.
Francois receiving the ‘life changing donation’ from Chelsea in Cape Town.
I got a got a few days ago from her parents who told me she took all her savings she could find to buy Bibles for kids who were longing to own their own Children’s Bible.  I explained to her parents to teach her to only give 10 % but as they taught she was determined to make sure she gives ALL that she had in her piggy bank.  Her contribution bought 4 Children’s Bibles.  Chelsea …. here is to you!  This posting is to kids like you who just left a legacy in the lives of rural bush children.  We salute you.  You are our hero.  Thank you for LIVING the preaching of the evening.  I preached on:  Doing to ONE that you wish you could do for EVERYONE.  She listened and practically made this statement a reality.

Viva Chelsea!

And part of this was made possible by a girl, Chelsea!  Thank you from all of us!