Mozambique’s ‘Band of Brothers’ … that’s how I call them.  Nearly 900 men in central and northern Mozambique who gives up 6 years of their life to complete their course in Theology with us at ASAM (Love Mozambique).  Without libraries, adequate books or even stationary (never mind the absence of laptops or ‘Google’) they always persevere and pull through.   And even that is only 10 % of their survival story.  Believe me when I introduce these men as true heroes of the faith.  Every-time I am in their presence I feel inadequate.  But it’s when they come together and pray and sing in their ‘sad blues voices’ that I hear their hearts and cries.  Amazing men.

The class of 2012 saw 6 of our leaders and monitors finish their 6 year course with honors.  As is the custom the local church is also invited to share in the festivities.  There were place for no one as the church was already overcrowded.  In a western setting it would probably be a fire hazard hosting so many under one roof but the 40 degrees inside was no damper for the joy in seeing the ‘Band of Brothers’ coming out victorious … certificate in hand.  Parabems pastors …. makorokoto ….. concratulations!
In a serious frame of mind before entering the church to start the ‘official’ proceedings.
The church was so full people were standing outside the church …. but still participating.  Gotto love Africa – many others would just leave …. but in the heat they too persevered.
Time to worship!   Right front:  Mathew Hurekure our administrator attending the proceedings.
If ever I see a picture of an African pastor … it is something like this.  Lonely … with his Bible and his bicycle ready to visit the needy!
HIGHLIGHT:  6 years worth of study ….!