Parents waiting in expectation!

The morning was crisp as the last cows passed the big crowd gathering at a lonely bush school hidden in the  bush.  There was something different in the morning.  Could have been ‘expectation’ that I read in their eyes. The giggles of the kids and the frowning of the parents were in contrast as we gathered under the trees.  About 200 people gathered as the sun was introducing himself in the east.  The organised setting made me smile when I arrived in the early dust.  No rain had fallen for a long time.  The planting season started but no one could plant due to the lack of the early rains.  The bush school has always been a place of hope.  It looked like everyone attended the school’s year function …. just to catch a glimpse of hope again.  

And HOPE they received in buckets!  There is nothing as joyful as watching children being awarded for hard work throughout the year.  The difference with our prize giving function every year is that EVERY KID is a WINNER.  Everyone receives something for their effort throughout the year.  From academics to sport, from being loyal to best art and craft student, from being the friendliest student to being the most helpful – everyone is a winner.  It was also a time where every student received their marks for the year.  Parents were so proud and it was awesome seeing their smiles and watching their children growing up to become responsible citizens of Mozambique.

And the first Oscar goes to ….. ‘Best Sport Student’.
Best student overall …..!  Biggest prize of the day …. a mountain bike.
I love this photo … for several reasons.  But the face of this mother sharing this proud moment with her son is just priceless.
One of the girls reading her Children’s Bible proving to everyone just how fortunate she is to read.  The literacy rate in rural bush schools are still alarmingly high.
If you ever wondered how I define a successful school that it must be this:  “See how many of your old students return …. just to see how the ‘juniors’  are receiving prized for their efforts during the school year.”  Great to see our old students still want to be part of their bush school.
And then it was time for the highlight of the day.  Receiving your year end results.
One of our old students … sharing some ‘educational wisdom’!