On behalf of every baby, child, widow, orphan, woman, pastor, sick person, lonely soul, battered individual, sad, happy and overwhelmed Mozambican …. THANK YOU so much for caring and BEING Jesus for someone in 2012.  The truth is that no one will ever know Jesus Christ – the Hope of the world, if we don’t show HIM in action.  Preaching is good and teaching even better … but it is in the touch and care that people  feel Jesus in action.  

And YOU made it possible this year through various ways:  Maybe by visiting us, being part of an outreach, caring, financial support and help without which we all would have perished, smuggling a Bible through tough borders or just caring for an orphan.  Many gave up their houses to store bags and bags of clothing after raiding every neighbor of their clothing in the closets (lol) … others gave reading glasses and raided their own businesses so that others could ‘see’.  Churches gave from budgets that they simply didn’t have.  God saw every seed that was sown from all over the world and you will be richly blessed by GOD … as only HE can.  Lives were changed, people were given a new lease on life, stomachs were filled and most of all …. hundreds found JESUS CHRIST as their Savior throughout the year.  May God bless you all. 

Songs were sung to bless many a church through the various groups visiting us!  
Preachers came from everywhere to share the Good News to all!
Thanks to so many friends clothing were distributed to many happy kids who never owned their own few ‘sets’ of clothing.  A great truly great Christmas.  (Thanks for your house Andrea!!!)
Kids dancing to show their appreciation for the many gifts!
Something that is always soooooo close to my heart … making sure newly planted churches and leadership have their own Bible to read from.  Pastor Tome Mabuleza helps me to make sure Bibles are distributed in an organized way.  Bellville AFM, Stellenbosch Gemeente, South African Police force (Jacques), Bibles for Believers and especially Dr. Tielman Marias were instrumental this year in helping us getting Bibles into Mozambique.
Joao Benjamim (Mozambican Transformational Engineer) handing over a Makasa soccerball (the most expensive ball in South Africa … really!!!) to one of our orphan boys.