Well yesterday’s posting on this blog took me 8 hours to publish.  Imagine that.  21st Century – we send people to the moon, unmanned aircraft to Mars …. we can even count the stars millions of lightyears away …. but 8 hours to do a posting via the bush in Africa.  Our satellite system has been severely throttled so thank you for understanding.  I do have a backup … a new Mozambican telecommunication company, MOVITEL – but as the word states …. the signal keeps on moving – no luck there either.  We will hopefully succeed in solving the problem soon …. phew …. TIA!

Thus … I will now go in prayer mode to get the next posting done!

Everyone had the opportunity to paint their own ‘bandanas’ for a very cool look.

VBS = very busy students

The life of a child in rural Mozambique looks very different than any other kid in the western civilization.  Why?  Well … the moment holiday starts it’s back to home and working on the fields so the rest of the family can eat for the next year.  Everyone is involved in providing food for the family.  It is a hard life.  Waking up early and collecting your tools for the day …. no toys … tools.  Axe, spade, hoe and a container of dirty river water to get through the day.  is a   BUT … before you say … ‘shame’ …. there is something good that comes out of this:  it teaches the kids from a very young age to take responsibility for their life but also the life of their family.  It teaches that if you don’t work … you don’t eat.  These disciplines will make these kids survive in tough rural third world Africa.

Those who memorized their Scripture verses first …. got great gifts.  Bible stories are always a favorite.    This guy couldn’t wait to start reading this book on his own.  

To help the kids to also enjoy childhood we introduce many ‘fun’ things’ to lighten the load.  One of those things is to invite all our school kids to our annual VBS (Vocational Bible School).  It is a time of supreme fun, laughs, games and also helping them to cope spiritually with life.  Bible memorization is one of the fun-filled things we place a lot of emphasis on.  It is absolutely astonishing when you see a first grader get up and quote Scripture.

Rick and Heather (Canada) are two ‘young’ people that has taken the responsibility to provide hours full of fun with the kids … may I add in scorching heat.  VBS 2012 was no exception as 200 kids attended the yearly event.  Dramatic Bible stories while learning Scripture was always the highlight of the early morning gathering.  Kids   learned Bible verses through mimicking various hand and body actions.  I could tell they loved it.  And when you would stop anyone and asked them Jeremiah 29: 11 – 12 … they would proudly start sharing Scripture.  Amazing!  


Everyone made necklaces for their ID CARDS.  The theme ‘I am Special’ was written on the cards with their name and future ‘jobs’!  Pretty cool! 


Sinambale Paradzai, our grade 3 student handing out the ‘finished product’ to the kids.


Water fights on a hot day must be on of the all time favorites. 

Catching balloons ……!

And then there was the FORD …..!  I didn’t actually mind the breakdown in a 40 degree scorcher.  The happiness of the kids made my day ….!  And it’s a FORD – it will go again no matter what.