We often do have the privilege on the base here in rural Mozambique to make love practical.  Come to think of it …. all love should be a practical action to show others you care … and that GOD cares too.  Take Rabeca Mulezi for example.  She as a passion to teach women to read and write.  In our rural area it is very difficult to find someone, not just with a passion for teaching literacy, but someone who can actually speak and write the local dialect, Shona.  There was a problem though.  Rabeca could hardly see.  She was appointed as a teacher at one of the many women schools in the area – but her eyesight got so bad that she could not read or help students anymore.  
Thanks to people who truly care, we received some reading glasses that changed Rabeca’s life overnight.  She could for the first time read without giving up.  She was ecstatic with her new pair of reading glasses.  And her students were overjoyed too. 

Maria Seta Fulede speaks Chewa.  She is a teacher too but like our friend Rabeca she too could not teach other woman literacy due to bad eyesight.  Wish you were here when she got her first pair of reading glasses.  Oh the joy … and the dancing.  The reading glasses brought her mother tongue back to life.  And while all of this was happening I suddenly realized something.  It is so easy to give.  It is so easy to change a life in an instant.  It is so easy to show love.  So many times we wonder how we would change the world by ourselves.  We want to achieve big and grand things that will shine in a newspaper somehow.

But I learned that miracles are at our doorsteps.  Literally!!!  And I realized to truly experience a miracle today we have to learn to:
Do to ONE that I wish I could do for EVERYONE!

Imagine that!  I can promise you one thing.  It will change the world for that ONE person you find.  It will surely change you.  And just perhaps … it might change the WORLD.

Blessings and change someones world today!  Easy … ain’t it?