With X-boxes, I-Pad’s and expensive toys being purchased just before Christmas the Apple company must be overjoyed.  This could be their most lucrative Christmas ever.  They could even change Christmas to ‘Apple-mas’ season.  And don’t get me wrong … I love those goodies too.  They kinda keep you busier than you should be.  Take the i-generation for example.  You can never tell the color of there eyes anymore.  Eyes, being the windows of your soul, says a lot.  But I struggle these days just to see how people really are doing.  There face is usually buried in their I-pad (that’s why the I is capitalized), I-phones or Blackberry’s.  Have you seen airports lately?  People are talking to imaginary friends – and missing out on a conversation to a lonely soul next to them.  So not all gifts are ‘good’ gifts.  Many gifts only lasts for a season … until there is a new toy on the market.  Could there be a gift that will outlive everything the Apple company throws at us?

Everyone waiting in anticipation to see who will receive the Children’s Bible.  It was a huge surprise for the 27 Grade 5 students!

To find out if there is a gift on the market that will outgive any other gift you have to ask a question first. What legacy are you leaving?  I thought about that a lot.  In fact … I think about that daily.  We have decided to leave a legacy in our grade 5 students by giving a gift that will outlive all of them.  In Mozambique grade 5 students officially leave Primary School to move onto the next phase of their educational career.  After their external exam they leave to various schools if they can afford it.

As a ‘parting gift’ every grade 5 student received their own Children’s Bible.  They have been using these Bibles throughout the year.  By taking these Bibles back home they have the opportunity to read Bible stories to their illiterate parents and other siblings.  Watching them receiving their own Children’s Bible was amazing.  Oh the joy of a gift that will keep on giving.  The idea is that these Bibles will one day be given to their kids and work its way through the family.

Thank you so much to everyone out there who helped us to obtain these Bibles.  It was truly a ‘legacy gift’!

I’m not sure who was more excited about the Bibles – kids or me?  Everyone had the opportunity to read out of the Children’s Bible – a pre-requisite if you wanted your own Bible.
The group of Grade 5 students receiving their gift!