As temperatures are slowing creeping up to the 40 degrees Celsius (in fact today 41 degrees Celsius) under the trees there is a never ending hustle and bustle to get things done.  There is the sick, snake bites, blood transfusions, eye problems, orphan care, school exams, runway mechanics and even a nursing team working with all of us currently.  It feels hectic and the pace relentless as everyone on the base run around like red ants seeking rucksacks full of food for the rainy season.  But it also shows that the Kingdom has not only come in heaven … it is very active on planet earth too.  Thus the ….. running … I think.

Anyway the week-in-a-box quickly through some photos.  Photos taken by Andy Kuret and Jen (one of our visiting nurses).

 It is ‘fire season’ so it is a lot of running around by mission staff to control fires.  They come quickly and they come furiously ….!


 The ‘last’ work on the runway is finished …. at last.  Paperwork is all that needs to be completed before the Mucombeze runway is fully operational.

And of course … a runway must have a professional name!  Mucombeze!

Workers putting in the markers for the runway.

Even the mission driver was put through his paces …. as he painted the runway markers in the scorching heat.

Teamwork is what is required to get the job done!

And there it is ….. prepared and ready!  And YES … those are fires in the background heading our way again.

One of our visiting nurses, Karoline de Gier, getting ready to leave with the Mercy Air helicopter to Marameu to assist in medical nursing.


Dirty Harry is always present at our river.  We seem to hunt them to make it safer for the community to get water from the river – but never get them … only on a camera shoot like Andy is showing.  Great shot by the way Andy!!!  Many woman and children are constantly being attacked by crocodiles in our area.