Now I can get all philosophical about the value of a name.  I mean it’s that one thing you received at birth which everybody gets to use … except yourself … well occasionally  at least when you have to sign away whatever the bank throws at you.
There is something else in a name too … a lot of sweat as Andy (our Swiss pilot) and two Canadian nurses found at when they literally embedded the new runway with its own name.  At least now everyone flying over our base will know where we are!  Please pray for our final inspection and paper work to come through and be released so we can actually start using the new runway!
Jen Sanders cementing the stones before the painting starts.
I should maybe add that it was 40 degrees Celsius out there as Janette Stone finishes off the last bit of painting.  Not bad at all!

Even Andy Kuret offered a little help … (well a lot .. as he might read this posting)!
WOLA … the runway has its own name …. and will soon become an international airport by the looks of it!