We decided to hold our own ‘EYE Awareness Day’ at the base a few days ago.  We received enough sun- and reading glasses to help at least 100 + people.  Needless to say we have no optometrist in the bush and if you do get to down make sure you get a bank loan before you can afford a visit to the local optometrist.  The day started with our very qualified nurse, Lynn Lagore who presented a lesson on eye care and diseases that is quite common in our area.

One of our own workers who has been with us for nearly 9 years is Fernando Casseni.  He had an eye problem and was used as example during the lesson.

After the lesson and some quizzes the patients were ready to receive their bonus gift as Francois Rauch explains beneath with great detail.

Charles Sixpense was one of the first to receive his special UV tested Brazilian sunglasses.  Everyone had much fun as they never owned their own sunglasses.

 And so everyone of the mission staff received their own pair of glasses.

And yes … our mission driver got a special pair for the long road.  We even took the mirror out to make sure everyone was happy!

 One of our teacher got a special pair of those too!  Looks like model on a cover magazine ….!

And yes …. even our pilot was caught up in the occasion and borrowed a pair for the day to show off!