Imagine that – meeting people in one room and together they have more than 600 years of mission work around the globe in common.  I was privileged to be in a room like that!  Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Africa, South America and not to mention the various Island groups around the world – were all together sharing STORIES.  Life changing stories.  And one thing was very clear from the start:  GOD IS STILL WORKING in the World!  HE still loves …. HE still cares …… and HE still changes lives.

I was thrilled to share the stage with these veterans.  Many of them carrying scars due to their many years living cross-culturally and some even lost partners and children in the process.  The gain for the Kingdom though is so big ….. that these transformational engineers …. keep going.

Was great to share a day together where we encountered many adventures with the group (still in Cape Town):

Transformational agents are ‘weird’ species …. as Past. Barrie Burger (horse whisperer from  ‘the Kalahari’) explains on his way waiting for the train to depart.  Cape Town station hustling by! 
Francois & Alta … waiting for the train to depart to join another adventure!
Your looking at people representing Madagaskar (Frik van Rensburg, left); Mozambique/Zimbabwe (De Jagers with black cap, red jacket); Egypt, South Africa …..!  Getting all these people to get on one train at the right time ….. nearly impossible.
My absolute favorite future missional activists – Amy and Caleb Ferreira joining us for the outing!
And the surprise of the day … boarding a submarine in Simons Town, South Africa.
And then getting down into the submarine.  People were calculating the risk …. and of course it was decided that the thinnest guy would go first!
We could all squeezed into the sub …. by the grace of the Master only!
Sea-master and sub commander …. teaching as the basics at the torpedo tubes. 
Eish … woman submariners!!  Alta trying her hand at the controls at this old 2nd World War German sub. 
Visiting and sharing stories!