There is never a dull moment once you are in Cape Town.  Lots to do …. but usually it is all about the great people around you that makes the difference.  Just met more than 30 missionaries from all around the world influencing nations with the Great News that God truly still cares!  But more of that a bit later.  The wheels are turning ……. and my camera can hardly keep up:

Time to get up the mountain – Table Mountain.
Getting up the mountain via cable car is much easier as using the various paths that leads to the top!
As we got up the mountain …. some felt the urge to leave the mountain …. via ropes!
Alta walking on the mountain!
FASHION ON THE MOUNTAIN:  My wife do get very annoyed when I take pictures of complete strangers.  But this outfit and boots blew me away.  Not sure how you would climb the mountain and walk on the mountain paths with these special Italian numbers.  They did look good though!
My ‘Bucket List friend’ still enjoying Cape Town and the mountain.
Vegetation on the mountain was beautiful with small pools of water everywhere.
I don’t like heights that much  ….. but literally standing on the Mother City felt good somehow!
And then it was time to leave ……