As we were getting ready to reach out to many churches and communities sharing God’s heart for Mozambique we were privileged to be visited by Andy Kuret (our Swiss pilot on our Mozambican base).  I always tell people …. if you do have a Bucket list and there are places you just NEED to SEE before you greet life on this side of the planet …. Cape Town is one of those destinations!  Andy spent a few days with us while we were in Cape Town to experience life the Mother City!  Some highlights of destinations visited:

These beautiful Cape Dutch houses are to be found everywhere around Cape Town and shares the young history of  South Africa when Jan van Riebeeck set foot in Cape Town on 6 April 1652.

Cheese tasting was very important – and having a Swiss cheese specialist with us made the trip even more enjoyable.  Tasting goat cheese at Fairview estate!
Some of the landscape around us in Paarl, Western Cape – South Africa!
It was difficult not to stretch after all the walking around!
Lots of glass factories around and this one was situated on a wine farm!
Some of the products produced.  Just too many to photograph!
Tasting ‘real’ dark chocolate was very important and is always high on the priority list.
Tasting cocoa beans from all over the world!!