When I am this quiet for so long there can be only 2 reasons:  I am either on the road or I have no communication close by.  “Laziness is no option!” …. laugh!  I am currently traveling throughout the southern parts of South Africa sharing my heart on behalf of the people of Mozambique.  Traveling has been extensive and tiring and the first 7 000 km’s has been covered under HIS grace and protection.  
Snow and hail are no strangers to people who are use to it …. but for us living in subtropical  temperatures snow is unusual.  We were greeting in central South Africa with extremely cold weather!
After more than nearly 2 500 km’s ….. Cape Town and its beautiful mountains came closer!
Cape Town is well-known for good vineyards and even better wines.  Although it was winter ….. it still looked beautiful.

When the ocean greets you like this …. you just know you’ve reached your destination!