Mozambican hospitality is something you have never experienced unless you eat in the bush …. and the last chicken is being offered to serve you! Humbling experience.
On the Donna Ana bridge between Sena and Mutarara. Relaxing after a long day’s work!
Fish from the Zambezi river. They closed the eyes with a tomato … not sure why?
This plane landed in Sena! As you can see it never left after the wing decided to retire.
Signs of the old bush war is still everywhere. On our way to Morrumbala in Zambezia province, Mozambique. Blown up by using dynamite.
On our way back from the north we had a fuel truck explode due to an electrical fault. Needless to say …. this cost us many hours on the road.
 — in Mozambique.
ONLY IN MOZAMBIQUE – people on the side watching. Nobody seemed to worry as explosions kept on taking place.
 — inMozambique.
Nearly home … in one piece.