Ever so often we are blessed when short-termers come over from all over the world to make a difference.  Matthias Gasser from Switzerland was one of those guys!  He completed a YWAM discipleship course in New Zealand and learned English before he decided to come to Africa to submerge in the culture here.  I realized again as I listened to his story how GOD will simply use everyone to fulfill the big commandment – ‘To love one another – and share the Good News of God’s Grace with all.”  Matthias is a robotic engineer (imagine that …. a robot engineer serving God in Mozambique where we have no robots, no electricity – basically only a hammer and screwdriver (maybe)).

Matthias changed our world as he got going and served wherever we needed him. Although is luggage was lost and he only arrived with his passport and his laptop.  Although he received his baggage after 8 weeks he kept his spirits up … and SERVED.  He has an amazing testimony which he shared with probably hundreds around us.  He was a great blessing to all who worked with him.  Matthias just left after 2 1/2 months back to Switzerland to continue his career in robotic engineering.  We wish him well …. and bid him farewell with a tear …. until one day again!  Ate a vista … amigo!

Here is how Matthias rolled … the last few months:

SCHOOLS:   Participating in our reading and writing project at our Primary Bush school.
FEEDING PROJECT:  Helping kids to unload their monthly food stocks for the school kitchen.  Never a shortage of help.
MEETING NEW FACES:  Always many new friends to be made!
AGRICULTURE:  As engineer Matthias was very capable in planting beans for our school project on the Green Mamba tractor.
FOOD:  Matthias had no problem enjoying the local delicacy – sugar cane.  He enjoyed many other dishes too … from maize meal porridge, blue legged chickens, dry decomposed fish and many more Mozambican specials. 
COMMUNITY PROJECTS:  Painting houses in the community.  A South African group joining Matthias to get the job done!
ANIMALS:  Matthias helped our shepherds in our animal husbandry project. 
“PUMP IT …… MR. SWITZERLAND …. ”  the kids screamed!