As I come closer to climb a hill with my Nissan my co-passengers anxiously ask me if I think it’s wise to climb the steep embankment  to the church.  “No problem”, I replied putting my small faith into action.  We did climb the steep hill successfully but not without a lot of dust and burning rubber.  My wife as usual just lifted her eyes towards heaven …. and I think I heard her say quietly “Thank you Lord” but I might have heard wrong.  I think.  Anyway … my ego was still in place!

The church on a hill

Thirteen woman came running from the small church on a hill.  Singing, clapping hands and making those unique African sounds with their tongue.  We are serious about serving the woman of Africa too. “I had 6 children but only have 2 left”, the one lady said with a shaky voice.  The other woman echoed her comment and we all felt extremely emotional listening to their stories.  “POVERTY KILLS” I though quietly.  Their stories where the same.  They have never been visited or cared for by anyone ever!  Alta Rauch decided to start a woman school where ladies would have the opportunity to learn how to read and write by using the Bible as tool.  Men allows this (which is truly amazing in this culture) because the Bible is being used.

Alta in serious mood as she teaches the ladies to persevere and continue their studies.

What was so sad about all of these ladies in a village near Chemba was that each one of them has lost children due to diseases.

Literacy is not the only project uplifting the woman.  Vegetable gardens, seed production and even a water pump is in the pipeline to help woman to look after themselves, their families and even play an economic role in their communities.

Alta handing out stationary for the ladies school.  Each school has 2 teachers with manuals written in their mother tongue so they can learn to read and write.

While sitting at this school I couldn’t help to shed a tear.  There were very little food available – and they were living next to the mighty Zambezi river.  Due to a lack of water their crops failed!!!!  Our solar waterpump project has just started and gaining momentum to help these communities.

It’s all about these wonderful women from Mozambique.  They seem to survive extreme poverty in ways I have not yet seen anywhere else.  True heroes!!

One of the most interesting visits even further north of the town Morrumbala was a woman group from the LOLO tribe.  They have never ever had a book or any writing in their mother tongue.  A program was also started in this isolated community to help them to read and eventually understand the BIBLE.

The women from the LOLO tribe in Northern Mozambique.
It took me forever to get these kids from the LOLO tribe to trust me with my camera.  I succeeded after about an hour.
Alta received so many chickens she could probably start a chicken farm.  This was a way for the community to say ‘thank you – we appreciate the visit’.  And many times it would be the last chicken for someone.
The proud women school of the LOLO people.  It is the first school for ladies ever in the area.  They too will have their own manual in their mother tongue and will soon also be able to read the Bible and understand the Message!

The trip north deep into Mozambique showed us one thing again:  There are wonderful people and strong women who wants to change their world, who wants to change the effects of POVERTY … if someone would just come and show the way!  Would you?

Another happy ladies group in Morrumbala.
Ladies came from everywhere.  By the time we reached this ladies school in Morrumbala it was late and raining.  
A lighter moment with wonderful kids in rural northern Mozambique.
I could just not resist when passing the small town of Chawawa.  It reminded me of my wife … just like a Chawawa – small but heart of a lion.  (Hope my wife don’t see this one!!)  A Chawawa is a very small dog if you didn’t know – a dog with an attitude.  (Now I really pray my wife don’t scroll down in this posting … lol!!)