Libraries full of books have been written on the centuries old topic of  Leadership.  Is it just natural talent or a science that can be studied?  There are probably thousands of definitions on what leadership might mean.  The closest definition in my mind must be:  Being someone with influence.  Or as I usually tell bush leaders in Africa:  “When, in  your daily walk,  people follow you …. you’re  probably a leader.

Our National Co-ordinator of our Bible Program, Ricardo Oliveira teaching the leaders from Chemba in their “see-through-church”!

Looking at Africa this seems far off sometimes.  The dictators around us with their strange political and economical leadership tends to show more of the dark side of leadership.  I have travelled north last week.  800 Km’s to be exact.  The purpose of the visit was to encourage church and community leaders in 4 provinces – mostly in Northern Mozambique.  The topic of discussion was:  “Servant Leadership” – and it was actually something the ‘true leaders’ of Africa could couch me on.  I was again taken away by the special grace and leadership abilities of these quiet leaders of Africa.  They are like precious diamonds hiding deep in the soil of Africa.  You don’t see them until you find them leading a church or community and the fruit of their leadership shines in the projects they lead.  Great men and women!

A pastor from Capanga touched by leadership issues!

Something that really stood out on my visit last week to Capanga (really in the middle of absolutely nowhere) while I was teaching on ‘Leaders that serve’ my eye caught a very emotional leader in the group.  He was crying.  In Africa I have hardly seen a man cry.  Maybe at the grave of his child …. but it is something you don’t see often.  He cried.  I felt very emotional myself at the time … not understanding why he too felt so emotional.  It was when I called him closer during a recess that he said: “I have been trying to teach Servant Leadership to my church … but somehow never found the words.  You brought WORDS which I can now teach to my people who don’t understand what leadership is truly about.  I cry for the lack of understanding and leadership in my community.”  WOW.  Here is a man in the middle of nowhere who understood more about leadership than many men who wrote books about it.

This pastor reminded me of our ex-president of South Africa – Thabo Mbeki.  Making notes diligently. 

TIA – This is Africa!  Many use it as an excuse.  I, on the other hand see great men and women who not just understands leadership but are living true servant leadership.  VIVA!


One of the purposes of my visit to the various areas was to hand out certificates on behalf of ASAM for students successfully completing their studies.
Some of the students in Chemba receiving their certificates.
People were cramped into buildings to attend leadership classes.  Again the hunger was phenomenal.

More happy students from Capanga – glad that they too have not been forgotten.  I always believed we could go were Coca-Cola goes … and further.  This was one of those places where Coca-Cola has not reached them yet.


Students who cannot afford to study in our program start associations and agri projects like these next to the Zambezi river to pay for their studies.  It also feeds communities in the process.

Pastor Timoteo proudly waters his huge veggie garden.


Teaching leadership in a small church setting in rural Muracca.
Yet another church …. dark and cold inside …. but this doesn’t stop the people to attend.


In the meantime … outside the church … women are preparing wonderful food for us to eat.