There is a growing number of women around the world that is constantly asking me to update the progress on the Women Center in Central Mozambique.  Apologies for not keeping you informed on a more regular basis – but hopefully I do get a few points today by updating you all.  Phase 1 & 2 has been completed in an absolute record time.  Phase 3 – the roof is of course the next project and the next fundraising effort has started to do it all at once.  Phase 4 will be tackling the inside and equipping it for the ladies who will be using it.

The paint artwork and wall is still a huge surprise …. so keep watching!
Did a quick visit to the ‘ladies pride’ today to capture the process.

The clouds in the background will tell you that it is currently freezing cold in the bush.  Well …. freezing by our standards.  About 20 degrees Celsius. 

A closer view for the connoisseurs.