Traveling is part of our daily lives.  One can hardly think back and imagine how our forefathers (and mothers!) travelled in previous centuries.  Imagine that …. taking the donkey cart out for a quick drive to the Brady Family 90 miles away.  Could take you a week to visit and come back.  And somehow traveling in Mozambique makes me feel the same way – although I am traveling a bit faster on horrendous roads.  We just visited some remote areas next to the Zambezi river in central and northern Mozambique.  And when I say remote … I mean extremely remote.  We even found a tribe north of the town Murrombala who speaks a very scarse dialect LOLO.  No Bible or written books available in this dialect.  Imagine that …. 21st century and no book or written material ever published!  Sad!

Anyway … the purpose of our trip was mainly to encourage the leadership of our Bible Seminary Program.  We have about 700 pastors participating in our program and we annually visit all of them to motivate the team and teach on various topics.  I taught mainly on leadership and evangelism.  My wife tackled the Women Ministry programs that are being run in the various areas.

We covered 4 provinces (Manica, Tete, Sofala, Zambezia) during our travels.  Traveling on extremely bad and pothole covered roads takes the life out of you.  BUT … the WAY you travel makes all the difference.  So the long 1800 km journey all over was filled with a lot of fun (and food) and a lot of praying as we covered northern Mozambique.

A few moments on the road:
Plenty good things on the plate to eat! And never forget the hard boiled egg – a camper’s favorite.
The faces should say it all ….. picnic on the road!
Sooooooo glad my wife accompanied us on this trip – that meant good food all around!
he bush around us as we are traveling.
Always time on the road to make new friends – and invite someone for lunch! 
And soon…… the road got bumpy and dusty!
Washing in the bush …. well should be optional. This toilet and shower where we stayed was not very hygienic (or so my wife says!) The toilet must be flushed by using the green container and the force of usage would depend … eish …. on however way nature would call you!
Breakfast on the road to Capanga. Capanga was truly in the middle of absolute NOWHERE. We drove in faith …. literally.
Eating is what we do best here … while traveling.
After hiding Matthew’s (our interpreter) suitcase in the bush he was a bit ‘out of control’ thinking he it fell off the truck!  So happy (after he found it) …. and ready for a lift!
Capanga and its people waiting for us in anticipation.
Gotto love the bush during autumn season.
Finding a clean and secluded spot on the highway to enjoy yet another breakfast on the long road!!
Mathew Hurekure decided to camp out in the tall grass. “No snake” he said after every rusk. He looked jittery to me though.