Imagine sitting infront of that ‘one-eye-monster’ (that’s our TV monitors) and holding on tight to your lottery ticket.  The numbers are scrolling down the screen …. slowly.  24 – 3 – 17 ….. and you realize that you have those 3 numbers.  You squeeze that lottery ticket in desperation.  Imagine what you could do with US$ 35 Million.  ”Yes”, you promise yourself …. “10 % to the church, a lot to my favorite charity, a holiday …. I deserve it …. it was a touch year.”  The presenter, cold and in anticipation …. calls out the last 3 numbers: “37 – 47 …. “.  You look at your card and still the numbers match.  Your heart is beating uncontrollably – “but don’t worry …. after winning this I will go for my annual checkup and pay for a year’s gym … ” you think!
It was a joy to see pastors do their practical training before they were released into the community.        
The acting was even better as they tried to explain the Heart of Man evangelism chart to each other.
I’ve seen this kind of desperation and anticipation a week or what ago.  I was in Morrumbala.  Nobody has ever heard of a ‘lottery’ or what it means.  Their eyes are fixed on what I am teaching.  It’s like a movie playing …. nobody moved.  The topic:  Well something many churches has forgotten about and hardly preach about these days.  ‘Friendship Evangelism’.  The church was packed with more than 70 pastors and leaders who travelled more than 150 km to attend the teaching.  One pastor stood up with a sad story.  He said:  ‘Friend, 7 years ago a ‘travelling’ missionary dropped of these Heart of Man Charts you are teaching about.  He never taught us …. he just left and we didn’t know how to use them.  And here you are after many prayers and years to teach how to use this to help our friends understand God’s love.”  Sad …. but a reality in the areas we work.  Sometimes Bibles are dropped and these ‘flying angels’ leave not knowing that a witchdoctor got hold of all the boxes and he uses them to control communities.
The woman wasn’t behind at all and we had some serious woman pastors attending.
Two great men explaining the chart to each other.  Brother Abel was a visiting South African missionary who joined us in the training.
When it was time to let the ladies go out into the community there was a lot of interest in what they had to share.
Anyway …. this was a joyous occasion.  There was a lot of teaching and a lot of practical learning happening in Morrumbala.  I came to Morrumbala because of a young pastor I met about 10 years ago. He died at the age of 29 but before he died he pleaded and I promised that I would visit the Zambezia Province to teach friendship evangelism.  Although somewhat emotional it was great to fulfill this promise.  Enough talking ….. I will let the pictures share the story.


We were literally in the middle of a busy community and pastors could hardly wait to share their news!

An older lady hears the salvation story of Jesus Christ for the first time in her mother tongue.

Pastors saying ‘thank you’ in a prayer at the end of the training.

The team of heroes …… at the end of the seminar.