Amazing what can happen in a few days between a blog posting.  I though … well … this time I will blog daily to get the full story of the Delta and its people out there in cyberspace!  Only to be bitten by that vicious female mosquito …. and still trying to recover from malaria after 3 days of treatment.

 But here I am … all focused to continue the story of the Delta’s forgotten!  Oops just before I do …. many people mailed me to ask me why there was no photo of me in the plane …!  So to make sure the story is authentic luckily the pilot, Paul took a photo just to prove the fact too.

The Zambezi Delta is remote, inaccessible by road and situated half way up the long country of Mozambique.  Scattered all over the Delta are isolated communities of people who make their living from fishing and subsistence farming.  In the vast majority of these villages there is no school of any kind and only a handful of people who can read.  Where there is a school the education is of a very basic level.
Animism is the predominant worldview in the Delta, causing the fatalistic attitude that ‘life just happens to you’.  The people believe that their lives are controlled by spirits.  This is the complete opposite of the Christian worldview which acknowledges the one true God, who created a world for us to discover and enjoy, and who gave us dominion over it, subject to his ultimate authority. 
I met Caitlin and her husband Shephen some time ago when they visited our base.  This amazing couple are the directors of YWAM (Marromeu) and has been in Marromeu, the nearest town to the Delta region since 2000.  Together with her 3 daughters Caitlin has developed a simple Sena reading scheme which is now being used in 4 different villages with great success, using volunteers from the community who already know how to read.  Mercy Air got involved in 2006 and assisted the work by helicopter.  The moment I heard Caitlin’s story I knew I had to get involved somehow.  Well … it was time and armed with 3 super equipped ladies we arrived to get the program running.  Day 2 started with basic Sena training to teachers and monitors who volunteered their time for free to teach illiterate Sena people.  So let’s start the teaching session!

Two of the volunteers leading the program from left to right:  Panda-Panda (from the Delta); Mai Christina (from the Delta and Anne Herbert – Mercy Air.  Playing games using songs is a great way getting people to relax and participate.
Movements teach more than just having fun …. UP, DOWN ….!  Who knew teaching alphabet could be such hard work?
Although this chart looks pretty ‘normal’ it is called a DEP chart.  The DEP chart is an A-Z picture/sound chart.  Pictures illistrated specifically for the people of the Delta – all familiar pictures from THEIR LIFE WORLD.
The purpose of the DEP chart is to introduce and build language and vocabulary, the knowledge of the alphabet and create spatial concept.
Mai Christina teaching the vowels to her Sena class!
The kids were awesome and if you want to test serious learning and making sure if you taught well …. ask the kids!
A proud moment in the history of the Sena people.  They have just received their first reading book called Nina.  
People and students couldn’t wait to get hold of their first Sena story book.
Anne Herbert and Shephan (YWAM – Marromeu) – a proud moment!
Everybody helped!  Keren Reuter – our very capable helicopter’s wife taught mathematics.
Using interesting methods from ‘classroom in a box’ to teach how to recognize figures.
Games made teaching so much fun – mathematics was still a very strange discipline for the Sena people.
Another kid getting INTO the ACTION.