I quickly had to jump in and get these updated photos out there in the cosmic world of internet signals due to a warning of my wife.  She has that nagging sense of always asking me the wrong questions.  These questions are never easy to answer ….!  I mean questions like:  Did you take the latests photos of my Women Centre?  Did you do a posting as I have asked last week?  Mmmmm … getting to it.  And how my wife gets through her own program I am not sure …. but mine keeps on falling behind.  It was when a lady from Cape Town demanded and update on the Women’s Centre …. NOW … that I got scared and I am posting this immediately (without my wife knowing) – or maybe she does ….. (laughing).  So here it is CAPE TOWN – fresh photo taken today quickly.
Meet Tomas Same – builder and contracter.  I say that of all our workers – but you just gotta love this guy.  He understands tithing better than most.  With money he makes from various building projects he gives away more than 60 % to the work in the church.  Amazing man – and he runs his own church.

These guys offered up their Workers Day holiday to come and work.  That says something around here.  VIVA our friends!

Front of the craft centre with the veranda floor already poured.

Lintels for windows already poured.  Alta has arranged the most beautiful windows in all of Mozambique so will get that pics as soon as it goes in on Thursday.  

Thank you for your prayers!  The roof will go on very soon – keep on praying please.