There are several reasons why we are so intensely involved with education.  Some are quite obvious.  The fact that education, even in Mozambique, is still regarded as a privilege rather than a basic human right is one of our important reasons but not the most important.  To help a local human being have the privilege to read and write and have the right to make the right choices and become a respected and balanced human being must be what drives us to be seriously involved in the lives of children in Mozambique.

Just making sure you see the inside too!

We would just about do anything to make sure kids have the opportunity to have the right to make informative choices thanks to good education.  To introduce kids to various worldviews is a challenge.  At the moment we have our nearly 350 bush kids (internal bush schools and external students) in various programs to help them through the educational process.  We have our kids for about 6 years before we have to release them into the government system.  Most of our kids stop their learning process when they leave our schools.  We are busy looking at adding at least another 2 years to the process by increasing our capability to grade 7.  Our teachers are already in the last phase of their 2 year additional teachers training with the Mozambican Educational Department.

Very proud …. and showing off his new see through school bag!!

While all of this going on we make sure that kids get a little bit ‘spoiled’ to.  Some wonderful ladies from Stellenbosch Congregation came with a great idea to make sure all our kids have school bags to put in their books.  With little material available kids often carry books in their hands – bind together only with flexible bark of a tree.  The day was joyous (as usual) when I shared the school bags with all the ‘apples of my eye’!

One of our boys that walks to school more than 16 km per day.  The fact that he has malformed feet doesn’t take away the joy of being able to attend school.
Girl on the left …… ‘just making sure your bag is not bigger than mine … or more colorful!’
Grade 5 girls showing off their extra strong bags.
Everybody wanted a photo with their new bags.  These 2 boys made sure there books fitted the bags and already secured!