What would you do if you suddenly wake up one morning with more than 25 tons of clothing, food, maize, fertilizer, paint,  sport equipment and school stationary on your front porch?  I woke up like that a few mornings ago after receiving a visiting group of friends from Polokwane.  My front door was jammed with food and gifts.  It again left me in tears to think that someone would care so much to bring all of this through the most horrendous borders and roads!

Steven Daly, leader of the group, walking confident and smiling as he tries to show me exactly how big this trailer is.  So when I said big ….. I meant big.  You could probably transport a church and all its members on it with ease!  Seriously!

So this is how you smuggle maize through the borders!  The import duty on maize is so expensive that it is impossible – but then again ….. (we have had to censor the last sentence … sorry – RED)

These transformational agents drove more than18 hours non-stop with 2 humongous trailers loaded with blessings for the hungry and poor in Mozambique.  They were harassed by border officials and after the group arrived they were breathless as they started sharing how God intervened so that ‘stuff’ could get through without paying the enormous border duties.  As Steven (preacher and leader of the group) said:  “The officials went from an absolute NO to an absolute YES after we were kept at the border for more than a hour.”  God is truly good.  We desperately needed these goods to better the life of people around us who simply would not be able to afford the help.

We kept on offloading the trailer … without success.  It was like it was raining boxes full of blessings – with a little bit of thunder in the background.  Awesome miracles.
Look carefully …. we had 2 trailers and watch the ‘new’ vehicle still carrying boxes.

It took us a few hours to unload all of the goods …. but what the Polokwane (Taberna Dei) team with their doctors, charted accountants, power and crime specialists and even swimming trainer didn’t know that the biggest challenge of their outreach was about to come true!

After 180 boxes fully packed …. even some of the team members wondered when it was going to stop!

Stay posted as we share the most amazing stories …. and some of them you will simply not believe.