You rush to the airport through rush hour traffic.  The scene infront of you doesn’t really help your cause as you still need to check in your luggage as the hotel wireless went haywire just before you could check in electronically.  You rush to the closest TV monitor to check if your flight is still on time.  Your flight number pops up with 30 minutes to go and you read:

“sitT thgilf sah devom ot lanimret 3”  You quickly clean your glasses with your scarf to make sure you understand the urgent message.  And then a quick call for your name on the PA system!  Will passenger Rauch please board flight 177 to Paris immediately at gate 79 at Terminal 3.  And you realize you are currently at gate 1 at terminal 1.  No chance  whatsoever to make the flight.  It leaves you with a dry taste in the mouth, doesn’t it?

This is how tens of thousands of Mozambicans feel daily.  No flight to catch though – our airports in the bush are quite a scarse commodity.  But a total lack of literacy makes it impossible for people to read or write here in the bush – so they would feel like you on a busy airport unable to read the TV screen in a haste.  Although we have tried our best the last 15 years we simply, with so many other NGO’s and government organisations, cannot get to illiterate people quick enough to change their lives forever.

It is when older people who struggle to see, read and write hear the Word of God in radio format – they struggle to believe it!

Using the written Bible in blind communities is impossible as any braille Bible in the Mozambican scarse dialects is not available.  Normal Bibles in the different dialects is already a huge challenge.  BUT then I got hold of something quiete marvelous.  At first I couldn’t believe it and then I listened to a MP3 player with a solar panel reciting the Bible in a scarse dialect in our area.  I was hooked!

Joy unspeakable!!  When they realize the power of the Word …. some just laugh and others cry.

We got hold of a great young guy with an amazing passion, Chad Vanden Bosch who runs various MP3 projects in remote areas.  We got hold of some of these MP3 Bibles and I realized this is something we immediately had to do.  We started off with ladies who couldn’t read or write and the effects were amazing.  Soon ladies got together during the day and listened the Bible under a tree.  More came and soon we had communities getting together with their own MP3.  Providing the blind with a Bible was an amazing experience.

Before I share many stories of how God touched people listening to the Word in its original form I need to share a few pics to tell you some of the story!

MP3 Bibles are now carried around the neck – everywhere.  Some do washing at the river with their Bibles on loud!

Communities receiving their Audio Bibles for the first time in their mother tongue!