If there is one thing Mozambicans know how to do then it must be to celebrate life in the midst of poverty, sadness and all the other ill social problems that surrounds their life in the bush.

Yvonne (left), Simon Nicalao (middle) and Celestina (right) were so proud to exhibit their own products to other local artists in the area.  It not just gave them exposure to what they have been taught but as they self said:  “We felt for the first time that we have been respected as artists …. and that made us feel very good!”

The 30 year war in Mozambique robbed the people of many creative artists.  Some fled and never returned and as you wonder through Mozambique you quickly realize that, in comparison with their neighbors, people here are struggling to produce art.  The Woman Ministry at the mission base has it as their objective to lift up woman to find their rightful place in society and once again thrive by producing beautiful arts and crafts.  The Simukai (Stand-Up) women was invited to exhibit their arts and crafts at a cultural day organized by our administrative chief in a nearby village.  Many other communities were also invited to attend but transport problems prohibited them from joining the festivities.  Those who could attend came in numbers and soon a festive atmosphere were surrounding the lush bush always lingering in the background.

It wasn’t long before the crowds arrived in full force to support the day.

Everyone had a chance to exhibit their art and explain who they were and where they came from.  Was great to see how proud people were on what they had to offer and how they took pride in their creations.  
An African festival without dancing and music is just NOT an festa at all!  Bands showing what they were made of!