So much to do so little time.  I guess the motto of my life is … JUST DO IT … whatever your hand finds to do … go for it.  And there is a lot to do here.  Let me randomly pick some pictures I never publish because they are not always newsworthy.  These are small things I do daily or weekly as they come up ….!  Ok I’ll zip my lip for a moment and let the pictures to the talking:

1.  Chasing bats from my veranda

I call him Frankenstein … and he loves ‘hanging’ out on my veranda.  Enough is enough …. I am thinking of killing him soon!

2.  Killing poisonous snakes (now and then)

I love nature …. but black mamba ain’t no friend of mine.  Our carpenter, Gabriel Lucas was with me when this ‘friend’ stood between us and the work.

3.  Getting a kick out of our bush school! (Very often …and many times a week)

My favourite place in the whole world.  THE SCHOOL and its welcoming comitee.  Once you visit us you will fully understand.  Our bush kids are realy great human beings.

Introducing visitors to our schools brings a lot of understanding to all on what we are trying to achieve with the future of Mozambique in front of us.

4.  Outreaches in various amazing communities
Welcome to the Nyanguru village – I love the place and the people and were setting up Jesus film in the area.
And when the kids hear I am coming to show a Jesus film …. everybody start gathering long before the event to play!

The team getting ready to set up the Jesus film equipment

5.  Visiting with friends from all over the world!

One of our teams (Harderwyk, Michigan – hanger team) hanging out with me on vsiting some of our projects.

Got to stop here – you get the picture.  Had to show a little bit of the surroundings.  Hope you enjoyed them.  Many blessings – and thank you for the support and prayers we so desperately need here in central Mozambique.