Imagine being 55 and have never had the opportunity to hear all the Bible stories of the Old and New Testament?  Imagine speaking about Joshua or David and what God did through their lives to teach us how to look at life and not even know who Joshua or David was … never mind the lessons there are to learn through these great stories?  This is the reality we face in rural Mozambique daily.  Due to high illiterate rates, no books available and no library getting to know the full Bible story is difficult.  The only ‘source’ available is the local church.  But even our pastors struggle and many don’t even know the ‘whole story’ or how to apply it.

We have seen this as a big problem in central and northern Mozambique.  Where do you start to fight this problem.  Well – that’s easy.  Schools – kids!  And we have many of them around.  We started a project called “Operation Sunshine” where we set ourselves the task to make sure, starting with out bush schools, that every kid will own their own Children’s Bible.  I could hardly wait for the school year to start to hand out our new Children’s Bibles to our new Grade 5 students.

Grade 5 students receiving their first full Children’s Bible – full of color and stories!
Even our teaching staff all got their own Bible from which they can teach grade 1 to 5!
Showing off!

Little Bertinho, very clever boy, was specially glad to receive his own copy of Bible stories.


We have placed special emphases this year on reading and writing skills for grade 1 to 5.  Due to a lack of reading books we are continually challenged by kids who struggle to read, write and comprehend what they are studying.  Throughout the day we collect our kids to attend special classes to help them to love reading and writing.  Our grade 1 and 2 students underneath loves the special attention.