This week was a hectic week. It started with seriously bad internet service. We are connected via satellite in the bush via generator and even sometimes connected via batteries. Did I mention our service provider sits in the UK? So most of the time we pray that the signal they throw at us will eventually reach is. It does … most of the time but February was a tough month thus far …. which means less posting unfortunately.

And then malaria struck again. Was just getting ready to post all that is happening around here when, on the much advertised ‘St. Valentine’s Day’, I was in bed with malaria. But as always, and as our name states …. ‘love is constantly in the air’ around here and everyday is … well …. Valentine’s day.

And where there’s love there’s people! As you know by know, we run two big orphan programs on the mission. The first one is called the Amigo orphan program which is run locally with about 40 orphans and the second is in northern Mozambique with about 1 200 orphans managed by churches we have relationships with.

It was thus fitting and our privilege to share love yet again with some of our orphan kids who received their school bags for the year!  Great friends from Stellenbosch decided to put a project together and manufactured school bags for all our kids.  Wait for our new photos to see how more than 300 kids each receive their brand new bags too.  Heather Neufeld (Orphan co-ordinator on the mission) was on the scene with her camera to partake in some of the action!

The ladies ministry made some of these bags in the past …. but this batch was send from afar …. with love.  Alta with some of the orphan kids.  (Photo: Heather Neufeld)
Just gotto love those faces!
And the anticipation and joy of having your own school bag!
And a happy family altogether!
“Will it all fit?”