It felt a little like going back to Genesis 1 when I have to tell the story.  You know what I mean …. “The earth was without form and an empty waste ….”.  Then God sent people … and within 30 days they created an amazing hangar for the airfield.  It was amazing to see a miracle unfold.  This was by far the biggest project on the mission farm thus far (although the training center is a very serious project too that is nearing completion).

But it was the way the Harderwyk Michigan team went about it.  They started off at 04:30 in the morning and ending many evenings only at 18:00 without rest and working in extreme temperatures.  Well they are true warriors and left the mission farm in Mozambique leaving a great legacy.  Here is a few pictures as usual to celebrate the event:
The last finishing touches just before we open the hangar officially with a party!

The team getting things done.  Watching them in action putting up this huge hangar was jaw dropping.  The way they went about it …. phenomenal!

And there she is!  I think we will have to give her a name someday!  Even the windsock on top of the building had a miraculous story.  It flew thousands of km’s to get to Mitch (Air force pilot than accompanied the team) in Michigan.

And then the party began early morning with song, worship and prayer to honor God for this great gift!

Who said ‘white man’ cannot dance.  It didn’t look as pretty as our local brothers but we all got going on the beat of the drum!  Bernie (architect and planner of the hangar) showing his ‘well hidden’ moves!

Local delicacies were dished up.  The visiting team baked some choc chip USA cookies which everyone enjoyed!

Gary celebrating the event with Quisito, one of our mission builders.

The whole team together!