I love cowboy movies ….. and have to admit my favorite cowboy of all times must be Clint Eastwood.  Too young to enjoy John Wayne.  My friend Clint (Eastwood that is if I may call him my friend) had the ability to be cool, calm and collective.  Those focused eyes made me wanna be Clint!  I saw that same kinda focus in a few visitors we received.  They arrived without a horse ….. well came here with a flying horse 747 ….. or so they call him.  ‘At 30 000 feet they even got a toilet with running water’, they laughed.  Modern cowboys ….. Burnie (sheriff and head hunter), Gary (bouncer) and Al (collective).
As you know we are putting up a hanger on our runway that has been officially cleared by government.  Now to put up a hanger here in the middle of nowhere is not an easy thing.  But after the logistics miraculously worked out ….. we only needed a few cowboys from the US of A to make things happen.  And these guys are as tough as they come.  Mean, big, masculine, hardworking – your no-nonsense type of guy.  I mean …. I love Texans …. but these guys from Michigan, USA know how to tackle a problem.  But enough of my cowboy drooling – let the photos do the talking!
Burnie …… head chief, mechanic and sheriff.  He had all the ideas …. and they worked first time up!  Amazing skills and a strong man.
Tools of the trade to make any job take notice.
Gary putting hanger walls together.
Modern cowboys do still carry a lot of weapons with them.
Ron Wayner …. head of our Aviation Ministry does the quality check at the hanger.  Looks pretty good to me … but then I ain’t no Clint Eastwood.

I tried too ….. got the measuring tape out to help make sure we get the walls all square.  My expertise unfortunately doesn’t go very far.  I would probably be compared to …… the accountant in the bank in a cowboy movie …. lol! 
Time for action …… getting the trusses ready for the hanger.

The hanger getting its shape.

Lifting the panel into its place.

Big equipment on-site helped to make the job very easy indeed.

Burnie …. making sure with Gary up high that everything locks into place.  I heard them shout in that American Cowboy dialect:  “Hey you …. 5 inches to go …. ok 1 inch”.  I mean I work in millimeters and centimeters …. what’s this ‘inch’ thing?

And there we go one section completed!