Charles Sixpense has been working with the mission since I can remember.  He must be six foot … something.  Tall, skinny but probably one of our most experienced handyman on-site.  He can fix just about any leak and understand pipes and plumbing like no one else I know around here.  When there’s a problem, thunderstorm chaos … or fire raging and threatening the farm our houses ….. who do you call?  No ‘ghostbusters’ here …. you call  …. ‘Charlie’.  He’s always ready, always smiles ….. and always have a plan ready to meet the need.

Charles Sixpense on the left (after the operation and in re-cooperating mode   in an interview with Joao Benjamin – reporter on the scene.

Charles is a Christian while is wife is a witch doctor and although she opposes what we believe we still reach out to the family daily.  Good seed will never return void, we believe.  When Charles got very sick a month ago, and in his own words – “I though this was the end – I am dying”, we all quickly had to come up with a plan.  With very limited medical services available we realized that Charles needed an operation immediately.  Lynn Lagore, our medical ‘Dr. Quin’ did all the homework and Charles was rushed to a clinic where we found a doctor who could operate!  Although extremely costly …. it was important to save Charles’ life.

Joao had an interview with Charles after the operation.  I place the article as Charles answered Joao.  Here is the article written by Joao Benjamim.  

JOAO:  Baba Charles how do you feel after the operation?

CHARLES:  I am very grateful for the miracle that God did in my life.  I suffered from this disease called hernia for a long time, but only when there was bad weather.  This time though it was a very critical situation to the point where I lost the hope of life in this world.

But because God has a plan with my life, He did not want me to die at this time.  God used the mission a lot through there love and they did everything they could to save my life.  They took me to a private clinic where I had better and more urgent surgical intervention which was a great priviledge because few or almost non one else in the bush is able to afford such costs.  Today my health is restored, the hernia passed, the pain is gone as well and I feel only joh.

One thing is important to tell everyone.  Although I am still sick and often lie at hom because I’m still not capable to work, I have the privilege  of spending my free time to read the Bible.

JOAO:  What is your favorite part in the Bible?
CHARLES:  My most favorite verse is Mathew 7:7.  This reminds me of God’s promises of when we call Him, He hears us and gives us what we need at the right time.  When I needed health and graces …. He gave them.

Another thing I learned is that I realized how much the brothers in the mission and in the community loves me.  All the missionaries and fellow employees visited me constantly and expressed their true love towards me showing me how much they care about my life.

I thank God for this healing.  I also thank the mission (missionaries, First Aid officers from the mission clinic and all our workers here) for all of this helped me to find true meaning for my life.


I Joao Benjamin (accompanying Mathew and Pastor Francois), I went to Charles’ house, and I saw that he had a Bible beside his bed on the floor.  He was reading it.  It was very impressive because as you know his wife is a Witch doctor  but they were sitting together in the same matchessa (house).  It seems she heard some loud reading what Charles did.  And if someone from the mission goes to visit him, he asks for prayer all the time … which she also hears.