It all started a few years ago.  We met Sinambale Paradzai when he visited us on the mission base.  He had a warm passion to study teaching.  He wanted to be a teacher so bad …. he would do anything to make it happen.  With the long list of people in Mozambique trying to get into college Sinambale didn’t make the final cut on the list.  He was devastated.  But the true story was going to be unfolded soon.

Sinambale had his own dreams but as we were sharing life together we realized that he was the oldest brother who had 3 brothers and sister he had to look after after their parents died.  He were selling ice in town to try and get a few pennies to keep the family alive.  His story was heartbreaking.  We decided to give him an internship at our bush school and see how he would cope.  He did wonderful.  Our orphan ministry decided to take him and kids on their program and provided monthly emergency food supplies.  With Sinambale earning a little bit more cash he could also take care of them better.  They still had no house though.  After some great miracles the next phase in this family’s life was about to be realized:

We found a great spot to build Sinambale and the family a new house.

Time to get all the logistic in place.

Sinambale proud to see the project taking off.  He was speechless and struggled to find the right words to share is feelings.

This was the house the orphan kids had to share.
Sinambale stayed in this house on weekends when he looked after the family.
The new house of hope …. nearing completion.

Meet the Paradzai-family.

I simply couldn’t resist this photo – best smiles in the bush!

Another very happy family!

Special thanks to  everyone who participated to make this dream come true.