Seriously ….. we are on our way to the office!  Francois and Joao in deep conversation on how good God is!!

 On my way to the office this morning ….. I had to stop with Joao to admire what was really going on around us.  Out of the early morning dust …. we stopped at another building site on our base.

Building in Mozambique is not an easy endeavor.  If funding is not tough enough – logistical planning is even a bigger challenge in the bush.  For years the women of Mozambique dreamt of having their own center where they can learn to not just read and write …. but improve their entreprenerial skills through the arts and crafts programs which are presented.

This dream became a reality a week ago when after many prayers the first foundations was dug up!  It’s so amazing when dreams meet reality.  There is excitement in the air and you just know God has made all of this possible through wonderful people.  When women pass the construction site …. balancing their water container on their heads …. they stop and with a ‘click’ of the tongue …. they point at the work … shaking their heads in unbelief and start off with a song of praise.  The center will not just teach many women to read and write but will also sell crafts which women produced in the area.  The center will contain a arts and crafts workshop where women will be taught new skills.  All the income of these endeavors will be given back to the women participating to sustain their families at home.  Empowering women has always been a dream of all of us on the base and seeing it becoming a reality …. is nothing short of a miracle.

Keep on praying though …. we build in faith in with much hope we believe the rest of the funding will come in to finish the building.

Alta with Peter Manuel (our oldest builder on the mission) getting ready to lay out the Women Training Center

Pythogoras and squaring a building are synonoum with each other – something I seem not to get right.

Without the logistical support of everyone on the base it is impossible to build!

Even Ron Wayner (Mercy Air) had to find a minute in getting some sand for the building – and that while he was building a hanger on the runway.

And then the team …..!

…… and the right mix!
And the people we salute daily ….. who makes everything come together.  Tough guys who are great co-workers with us!

First foundations poured!