The start of the 2012 school year!

What makes ASAM’s Mission school a little different from other schools is the fact that kids really look forward to the opening ceremony of their school.  As I travel up and down I constantly have to stop and answer kids – “Francisco ….. when do we start school?”  And I realize just how important it is to them.  It’s not just about enjoying school and the good education – it’s the fact that they belong.  It has become a place where dreams are born.  

Take for example on of our top students, Joao Gimo.  He has just passed grade 10 with top honors and has become our highest qualified student that comes from our rural area which we have served since 1997.  He constantly nods his head and says:  “If it wasn’t for this school I would have never achieved what I have achieved.  I have a dream to become an accountant and with ASAM’s help …. that will become a reality.”  That is just one of the many stories here.

Joao Benjamin –  another transformational engineer on our base – speaking a few words of encouragement to the school kids and community.

And so our opening day arrived.  Screams, laughter and a huge turnout as students started registering for the academical year.  We have registered more than 287 children and our school kitchen can hardly keep up to feed the more than 304 kids who pitched up.  It was a festive occasion with many parents congratulating the school on giving their children a new lease on life.  2012 promises to be a busy educational year with 1 new teacher joining us to give special emphasis on literacy.  We have 5 trained teachers who will help us this year.  Special emphasis during this years program will fall on Bible Education, character training and entrepreneurship.  Health education and even a special leadership module will be introduced in this year’s syllabus.

And everyone agrees:  Nothing beats teaching a kid to become a true, balanced follower of Jesus Christ!

Parents came in big numbers to attend the school opening ceremony.
Teachers ready to register new school kids.
Teaching team 2012 with Joao Feniassi (School director, front), Paulo Inasio (Grade 5, front) and back left to right – Joao Benjamin, Tito Mabuleza (Grade 1 and 2), Francois Rauch (just a motivator), Sinambale Paradzai (Grade 3 and sport teacher) and Simon Nicalao (Pre-school).