It’s that man Joao – wrestling with a crocodile – and he always does it with a smile!

Joao Benjamim grew up in Mutarara …. and I have shared many postings on his many gifts as he serves God with us in Mucombeze.  As you know Joao speaks nearly 8 languages and carries a degree in Economics and Business Management. But what you don’t know, is that being from Mutarara, a small town on the banks of the Zambezi river, he knows no fear.  To survive in Mutarara you need to overcome the extreme 45 degree Celsius heat but even more crucial – when it is your turn to fetch water in the Zambezi river, you have to overcome crocodiles and hippos.  Which he did!
We have been terrorized on our mission farm by a few crocodiles who killed more than 8 of our sheep we keep on the farm.  Well … the crocodile was caught (and although he doesn’t look all that fat to me ….. we did call him the “Sheep Dundee” of our area.
Well here is Joao showing off at the catch of the day!
Just checking on the vice-grip hold!  And those teeth looks ….. well very clean and very ready for action!

Domingos Oziah – our animal guru.  He knows animals, the bush and all the creatures in the river.  Visiting him is an experience you will never forget.  He cooks a mean eal from the river!
Joao Benjamim and Domingos Oziah just showing the crocodile who’s boss in the open bush!
Now this photo teaches you many things!  Tendai shows the world that fear is secondary in the bush.  OK her face does show another story altogether – but for a 3 year old to that ….. she gets the prize of the day.
And that was enough for the crocodile!

Please note:  ALL PHOTOS taken by our photographer on the spot – Heather Neufeld.  Always at the right place at the right time.  Thanks Heather!