Living in Mozambique as an orphan is a challenge like everywhere else in the world.  In the developed world many orphans are held in state institutions – cold places, shades of grey places – survival is the key and if your lucky you could be placed with a family for Christmas … maybe.  I understand why God would state in James 1:27  “Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this:  Reach out to the homeless and loveless (orphans and widows) in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.”
Our annual Christmas Orphan party was again a huge success with orphans waiting  somewhat patiently for the big occasion.
Mozambique has very little or no state institutions for orphans.   In a way they are luckier than those hidden in grey, cold buildings and sometimes find themselves in loveless surroundings.  Orphans in Mozambique is just as a harsh environment.  Most of the time they simply just stay in their mud and grass hut after parents die and look after themselves ….. going from hut to hut to ask for food.  In villages where food is scarce people try to help these orphaned kids but sometimes the church is the only place where they can find some refuge.  They are true ‘surviving heroes’ but heroes only go that far without good nutrition, medical help and education.  Kids are lonely and kids as young as 9 has to take care of younger brothers and sisters.  Kids are in survival mode and only God really knows what they see …. when they get up in the morning.
At Love Mozambique we have shared many a tear when we come to villages and see the multitudes of orphans looking for help.  In Northern Mozambique alone we help more than 1 700 orphans by using the local church through various programs.  Our little help looks like a drop in the ocean … but on our base we could again spoil some of our orphan kids in our Amigo Orphan program.  Heather Neufeld organized a great Christmas party again which …. as you will see …. the kids enjoyed thoroughly.
Our orphan girls celebrating their gifts at the Christmas Orphan party.
I just love this face …. a happy orphan is our aim and when I see this …. I know God is happy too.
Girls celebrating their new Christmas gifts.

Meet an amazing young pastor and our co-ordinator of our Amigo Orphan Program –  Past. Mariano Joao.  The kids love him and if you see his moves and the way he connects and loves the orphans …. you would know what I mean when I say …. he’s an orphan heroe!
Past. Mariano shares the Christmas story with orphans under the tree.
Games with the orphan girls led by Heather.
Lots of games with the kids made the day much fun.
Dancing is part of the festivities and all our widows joined us for the occasion.  Many of these widow mothers also look after all our orphan kids.  All our Amigo Orphan kids has an adopted family through the widows that help us.   
One of the widows, Mai Vaida who looks after some of our orphans, prays for the food and the event.

Eating chicken and rice with Coke must surely be one of the highlights!
Widows being treated to a special meal!
A happy day and the team (still looking energetic) with our local orphans.

Photo:  And yet another orphan enjoying the day.  Love those
            eyes and smile!

Please pray that God will reveal HIM (as he always does!)  Maybe on Christmas eve you could say a pray to the millions of orphans around the world and those who die so young in Mozambique.  Join us in prayer or if you want to give a gift that lasts …. contact us at

Thank you to the many who never forgets …. who reaches out and through your help says:  I am here ….!  Thanks for “being” in the moment with us.
Many blessings on you and your family!
All photos taken by our reporter and missionary on the ground:  Heather Neufeld (thanks Heather!)