I have been humbled so many times in the African bush that I have stopped counting.  It’s 09:00, Sunday morning – Mozambique.  The temperature gage already reads 35 degrees Celsius in my vehicle.  My air con is running on its maximum setting – I am on my way to another bush church which formally invited me to come over.
Now if you believe all the latest statistics on church growth and spiritual formation all around the world, Europe is currently going through a spiritual dip.  Africa on the other hand is spiritually growing at a rapid rate with church growth booming in countries like Mozambique and even Nigeria.  But I don’t read to much into stats.  It’s when I enter a church that I immediately know what is actually happening there.  The maturity, the purpose in worship, the preaching, community, love and the relationships.  This morning yet again I was humbled beyond reason.  The amazing worship …. grabbed me.  It was yet again the kids …. when they stand up and worship without anyone telling them how …. they simply lift their hands and start praising GOD.
No band, no separate benches or a quiet corner for those ‘naughty’ kids …. they are part of the full package!  Their joy brought so many tears to my eyes again this morning that I could hardly share a Message of a God who finds so much joy in the African church.  You see ….. it’s authentic, real, in your face without pretence.  I love that.  And this morning in this very simple (and I say that with the greatest respect) African church … they had it all.  Viva!

Kids getting into the groove of worship!

And then the gracious offering from the church pastors!  I receive a chicken for coming and being part of their celebration of GOD.  Awesome!  I love Africa and its people.